Adrienne is one of the latest generations of artists in her family. She developed her eye for art at a young age growing up in museums and traveling throughout the world. Her abilities and style were developed in her days at Ohio Wesleyan University and at The Ringling College of Art and Design. Adrienne understood the need for traditional training, while maintaining that she truly refined her unique eye by exploring her world through the lens of her camera.


Adrienne's formal photographic education began in High School taking introductory and advanced photography classes with Paulette Colantone at Revere High School. It was at Revere that Adrienne also took general art courses from Charles "Chuck" Walker and traveled throughout Europe on an artist's tour of all of the great museums and artist colonies in Europe. On this adventure Adrienne discovered her love and passion for the connection between classic art and architecture and her developing style of urban composition. After Revere, Adrienne finished out high school at a private boarding school and world renowned sports academy in Florida where she was known to constantly have her camera in hand. 

After high school Adrienne received one of two prestigious fine arts scholarships to attend Ohio Wesleyan University. Here Adrienne studied in the Fine Arts program and was the only Freshman allowed in the photography program. While Adrienne's tenure at Ohio Wesleyan was brief she gained a greater technical understanding of photography and traditional wet darkroom methods. She credits much of her growth and desire to push herself mentally, physically and creatively to Justin Kronewetter, her photography professor. Kronewetter "was a very intense man, expecting your best work and when it was not up to par it was unstated but known that you had better go out, re-shoot and present it to him once again for further feedback. I remember shooting the same shot at least 4 times before receiving an ok. It was a very intense come to the 'light' kind of experience but exactly what I needed." During this time, Adrienne was in preseason training for basketball while juggling her Fine Arts load which lead to extremely late evenings/early mornings in the darkroom. She often went in right after training/practice wrapped up and emerged as the sun was rising. It was at that point that Adrienne made the conscious decision to pursue photography over basketball and hung up her shoes. Understanding the rigor of the course, Adrienne would go home occasionally on the weekends to work with photographer and professor, Dave Thum, in Cleveland. Dave helped Adrienne refine her technique and also reminded her to have fun and experiment. (The photograph at the top of this page is one that Adrienne developed in Thum's studio. It had been discarded after it was not exactly 'right.' Being improperly fixed, and exposed to light the image was partially solarized and Adrienne refers to it as one of the most beautiful mistakes/ forgotten photographs she has ever produced.) With Kronewetter retiring at the end of her Freshman year, Adrienne left Ohio Wesleyan and transferred to the Ringling College of Art and Design. Here Adrienne was exposed to the latest digital photography technology and formed a solid foundation in digital media and printing. Adrienne was one of the leading photographers in her classes, which earned a spot on the 'wall.'  Even with a strong education in digital photography, Adrienne refutes the statement that anyone can be a photographer in this digital age. "Digital photography is NOT all Photoshop. Sure it helps (other) people edit pretty pictures and remove blemishes but I work with and in my camera just as I did with film. My camera is an extension of my arm, an extension of my eye and and outlet for my soul. What you see is exactly what I saw. Working my aperture and knowing atmospheric conditions helps me to show you how I see the world and I hope you like at least something I show you." 


Chronos Chrysalis, Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery. Cleveland, OH. January 18, 2013 - March 9, 2013.

Abstractions, Halcyon Contemporary Art Gallery, Terre Haute, IN. December 2, 2011 - December 23, 2011. 

Select Works by Adrienne French, Works of Art on Paper, New York City, New York. 2008


Midwest Museum of American Art, Elkhart, IN.

Private Collectors: 

Dr. Robert Getscher

Jim Sanatato

Craig Cramer

George Derringer

​Rachel Davis